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Web Site Reviews & Awards List (text)

Awards Page 1/10

Outstanding review in The State newspaper (July 25, 1999)

Statewide S.C. radio network transcripts (Aug./Nov. 1999)

WCIV News Channel 4 story on our web site! (Feb. 2000)

"South Carolina Web Site of the Weekend" (June 4-6 1999)

"South Carolina Web Site of the Day" (Mon. June 7, 1999)

Award of Excellence from Grandma's Lighthouses

Top 10 on The Top 25 Lighthouse Web Sites List!

SafeSurf Rated All Ages Award

Critical Mass Award

Family-Friendly Site Award

Home and Hearth Award of Excellence

Best of The Web '99 Bronze Award

Private Eye Award of Excellence

Silver Pegasus Award (4.5 of 5.0)

TinyRay's Badge of Excellence!

TinyRay's Webmaster Award!

Wishing Well Web Page Excellence Award

Nem5 Web Maggic Award of Excellence for Design

Nem5 Web Maggic Silver Award (5.0!)

Best of 1999 Bronze Award

Just for You Cool Site Award

Nem 5 Web Maggic Award of Excellence for Creativity

BPG Silver Award

Webmasters' 1999 Website Excellence Award

Caroline's Best of the Web Spider Award

The Creative Design Award by Otakou Peninsula

Travel and Tourism Gold Award (92/100)

Market-tek Design Award

The Molly Award

The Berry Patch Award

Awards Page 2/10

WGB Gold Award of Excellence

StarSaber's Award of Excellence

Best Lil' Awards Ring Gold Award

Gold Award of Excellence 1999

Canuck's World Class Site Award

Malthor's Domain 5 Star Award

Audrey's Shining Star Award

Award for Multimedia Excellence

Pegasus Creativity Award for Artistic Excellence (Rare!)

Stargazer Awesome Web Site Award

Great Goo Award

Art Pro Award

Jim's Award of Excellence

W.S. Award

WR Site of Excellence Award

Emerald Isle Studio Gold Award (90+/100)

Homepagegoodies 1999 Best of the Web Award

Blue Jay Web Award

The Light Award

Awards Page 3/10

Golden Tribute Award

Cinammon's Award for Home Page Design

King Of The Jungle Award

Mesweet's Silver Award

Net Ratings 5 Star Award

SiteStruct Award for excellent website design

Powerful Programmer Award

Silver Cup Award

Always on Top Award

The 99 Cents Award

AOL Disk Award

Susan's Best of the Bunch Award

Bronze Pegasus Award! (4.5)

Cyber-Beer's Esoteric Award

Majon's Web Select Seal of Excellence

Storm Keeper Award for July of 1999

Twilight's Excellent Website Award (100/100!)

ABAS 3-Star Cool Site Award

Rhiannon's Creativity Award

Lisa's Creative Web Page Award

Omega Certified Seal of Approval Award

Mortar Man Silver Award

Lothy's Bronze Award

CART Rock Bronze Award

Awards Page 4/10

Bronze Sun For Webpage Brilliance!

Candle Creations Web Site Gold Award!

Friendsofancy Award (Animation by Sheepskate)

Millenium Choice Site 1999 (+ Hall of Fame!)

Aurora Award of Excellence

Tasha's 1999 Award of Web Excellence!

MMSeekers Creative Award

Majon's Web Select Award

Intrepid Broccoli Award

Southern Nytes Award of Elegance

The Gifted FOX Award

Kruzman's Hot Site Award

Mel's Personal Award of Excellence

HomeGrown Gold Award of Excellence

Cute little Angel with a Shiny Hiney Silver Award

Cute little Angel with a Shiny Hiney Gold Award

The World's First REAL Shiny Hiney Angel Award

Chandra's Dazzling Diamond Award

Nem5 Web Maggic Bronze Award (5.0!)

Awards Page 5/10

Lighthouse Award (Last original one EVER!)

Nantucket Great Site Award

The Lighthouse Nut's Excellence Award

Submission Pro #1 Pro Site Winner

The 1999 Elite Award (For Best of Best!)

Shanty Award for Homepage Excellence (3.5)

Wings' Award of Creativity (4.0)

On Target Award

Proud Winner of the Bearzweb 110% Award

GA Elite Site Award

Award of Excellence

Award for Good Design (Germany)

Pearls of the Web award

1999 Web Sun Award

Team Creations Bronze Award

Prestigious Shandygaff Golden Keg Award

Best of the Web Diamond Award

WGB Web Creations Cool Site Award

The Gorgeous Site Award

Archetypal Site Award

Scorpiosite Cool Site Award

Candace's Fab Four Silver Award (3.0)

Pandora's Box Award of Excellence

Awards Page 6/10

The Millenium Award (3.5)

Bald Guy's Multimedia Site of the Week (July 19-25 1999)

Rajuna's Reserve Top Award

Quality Trading Co. Award of Excellence

Quatec's Website Design Award (3.5)

The Universal Madala Award

Caroline's Good Site Award

Gold Rose Award for Causes/Activism Excellence

Blue Rose Award for a truly Awesome Site

Our site rated as FOUR of 5 Stars!

1999 Exceptional Sites Award

The Nobility Website Award

The Wonderful Webpage Award

Wishes and Dreams Gem of the Web Award

The Delectable Bonner Award

Southern Nytes 1999 Bronze Award

Platinum Rhino Award for Color Vision Deficiency Savvy

Jewel of the Web Emerald Award

The Great Gig Web Site Excellence Award

Awards Page 7/10

The Cyber Platinum Award

The Family Voice Explosion of Web Excellence Award

1999 Lynx Best On The Web Award (Only 12 all year!)

Winner of 1999-2000 Golden Web Award

The Java Award Of Excellence (2.5)

Virgilene's Family Award

The Family Voice All By Myself Award

The Eye Catching Site Award from Sita Atis

The Family Voice Absolutely Breathtaking Award

Bob-o-link Way Cool Site Award!

The 1999 Original Website Award

Crossmans Web Excellence Award

TV Junkie's Award of Excellence

Mad Cool Inc. Silver Award for web site design

Adelee's Groovy Homepage Award

1999 BMGD Awards Review Nominee Award

Dick Grogan's Creative Genius Award

The Original Design Award

The User-Friendly Site Award

Awards Page 8/10

Superior Web Design Pot O' Gold Award (91+!)

Crystalwiz's Award of Excellence

Cup Award for Home Page of Excellence

Handy Hand Award for Excellent Website Construction

Jeanie's Best Of The Web Award

Chrissshack Superb Page Award

Web Appeal Award of Excellence

Team Creations Compliments Award

Mony's Dolphins Award of Excellence

Excellence Award from NeedToShop.Com

Orchid Award for Page Excellence

Proud winner of famous Cheezy Grin Award

SweepsTalk Gold Award (91/100)

Web Maggic Cool Site Award

Ettienne's 5 Star Award of Excellence

Gold Award for an amazing site

JulieE's Award of Excellence

#Hamz Best of the Best Page Award

Webtime Treats Great Site Award

South Australia Superb Websites Ring Special 3-Star Award

Rhiannon's Excellence Award

Top 50 Award Winning Web Sites List

Winner of Sleepless in Atlanta Seal of Approval

Winner: #1 Best Community Web Site in I-Awards 2000!

Galah Award For Excellence and Eye Appeal

The Standing Ovation Award!

Ravi's Elite Web Site Award! Cool Site Award

Jewel of the Web Black Ruby Award

The Johnny Lightning Award for Web Page Excellence!

Babylon 5 Space Best of the Web 2000

Pow Wow's Award for Web Site Excellence

Awards Page 9/10

Storm's Killer Site Award (Last one EVER!)

Storm's This page is Ragin' Award (Last one EVER!)

Diamond Webmasters Award

Webkin Silver Award

Lighthouse Dreamer's Award for Lighthouse WebSite Excellence

BRILLIANeT Award for great content!

Chris's Weaving Award for Excellence

The Spirit Network's famous Lotus Light Award

We're proud to be a Best Site On The Web!

Winner of DocuType's Superb Choice Award!

Snow Rogers Elementary School A+ Site Award

Award of Excellence for Lighthouse Preservation and Website Content

Selected as QuincyWeb Bright Site

Good Surf Award from Teacher's Tech

Atheneum Excellence on the Web Award

Port Charles Award of Excellence

Award of Excellence from Sujatha Das

Angelwing's Award for Excellence

Special Site Award

Ewa Nevaland Award for Excellence in Website Design

Great Site on the Web Award

Awards Page 10/10

Badger's Pick Of The Day for September 27, 1999 (4.5)

Yava's Award for Excellent Web Page Design

DynoWomyn 5 Star Web Site Design Award

Pinnacle Club Web Author's Choice Award

INET 2000 Gold Award

Winner of Bob's Multimedia Award

Panda's Pride Silver Award

Lakelites Award of Excellence

The Worth Surfing For Award

Superior Resource Site Community Award

Top Site of 2000 Award (Score: 95 out of 100)

Web Studio Best of the Web Gold Award (4.0)

Golden Sow Award 2000

A Brilliant Design Award (Received on 4/27/2000)

World Lighthouse Award (International Lighthouse Weekend)

Top Info Website Award (World's Top Award from Germany!)

Mighty Buckmaester's Flowing Site Award

Albritton Family Cool Website Award

Texas Webman's Best of the Web Platinum Award

Surfer's Choice Internet Awards Best of the Web! (5.0)

Superb Website! (200+ Awards and 2 World's Top Awards!)

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