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Contact: Bob Chapman


CHARLESTON, SC (February 26, 2000) Save The Light Inc., a non-profit
grass-roots group of local citizens and lighthouse buffs who want to
protect the historic Morris Island Lighthouse, announced its web site
( has become the leader in worldwide voting for
"Best Community Web Site" in Internet Awards 2000 (

"This has been a fun competition and we are proud to have received the
most votes in our category so far", said Bob Chapman, the voluntary
webmaster for the organization.  "To receive over 1,500 votes is a
tremendous honor.  We  want to thank everyone who voted for us and
ask other local folks to please visit our site and cast a ballot too."

Nominations and voting will continue through July 2000.  After that,
a panel of 5 independent judges will pick a winner among 10 finalists
in each category, as well as the overall winner who receives a $1,000
advertising campaign on GO-TO.COM - a popular internet search engine.

Many other prizes for category winners as well as a random drawing for
voters will be announced this month.  The I-Awards 2000 contest began
in July 1999 and is planned to be an annual international competition.

Save The Light's web site has won over 200 web design awards since it
debuted in April 1999.  It is also the only Lowcountry site ever to win
the coveted Surfer's Choice Best of the Web Award, rated 5.0 out of 5.0.
(The only other S.C. site to win was "Richland County Online" in 1998.)

To date, people in over 50 different countries (from all 7 continents)
have visited the site and its home page has received over 25,000 hits.
Besides expected history and photographs of the famous local landmark,
the site also offers "virtual tours" from many different perspectives.
Everyone across the globe has an opportunity to witness the spectacular
view from the top of the 161 foot tall beacon in a variety of formats.

The web site was also named "Official South Carolina Information Highway
Web Site Of The Day/Weekend" for June 4-7, 1999 (

The group is also asking individuals and/or businesses with a web site
who are sympathetic to the cause to add a link on their web site to the
Save The Light web site.  "We need as many links to our site as we can
to help raise over $1 million in private contributions", Chapman said.


Save The Light Inc. greatly appreciates ANY exposure you can give to us!

This WCIV-TV (ABC) News story (the next day) helped us win our category!

Click to view The Final Results! As you can see, we won by over 1,000 votes.

First Place: Best Community Web Site in I-Awards 2000!

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