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Our Web Site Awards (10 of 10)

Badger's Pick Of The Day: September 27, 1999! (4.5) Yava's Award for Excellent Web Page Design DynoWomyn 5 Star Web Site Design Award!

Pinnacle Club Web Author's Choice Award! INET 2000 Gold  Award Winner of Bob's Multimedia Award!

Panda's Pride Silver Award 2000 LakeLites Award of Excellence

The Worth Surfing For Award! World Best Web Sites Nominee! Superior Resource Site Community Award

Top Site Award for 2000 (Score: 95 out of 100) Web Studio Best of the Web Gold Award! Mom's old-fashioned Golden Sow Award

The Top Info Award below allowed us to upgrade
our Superb Web Site Award (below) to over 200!
[Many thanks to Heidi's Website Awards for this!]

A Brilliant Design Award World Lighthouse Award (International Lighthouse Weekend) Top Info Website Award (Germany - World's Top Award!)

We always like receiving flashy awards like these!

Presented to:
Save The Light Inc.

Mighty Buckmaester's Flowing Site Award
Flowing Site Award

Albritton Family Cool webSite Award

Texas Webman's Best of the Web Plantinum Award

How's THIS for a Big Finish?   Surfer's Choice Best of the Web! (5.0+)

Winner of 1999 Surfer's Choice Best of the Web Award! (5.0) Superb Website! (200+ Awards and 2 World's Top Awards!) Surfer's Choice Best of The Web is truly a tremendous honor!

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