GreenNet - The International
Environmental BBS Network

(Created: 1991 - Disbanded due to popularity of web: 1998)

The Earth Art BBS is home for GreenNet - which is BOTH a Conference and a BBS Network! Any topic concerning the environment, ecology, conservation and the outdoors is fair game for discussion. We need YOUR help to keep growing. Hopefully, we will share YOUR ideas on recycling and other ways to be earth-friendly consumers in the 1990's and beyond. Everyone please feel free to jump right in anywhere, at any time! Environmental protection is now an international concern, but in many ways, we still have a LONG way to go. Small things make a BIG difference!

Let's get some lively discussion going on those controversial issues! We're national hub in the Sierra Club BBS Network and our mail hub (HubEARTH) can relay mail to all environmental BBS's in the world! We host the SIERRAN echo on Fidonet and also compile the International GREEN BBS Listings (GBBS0498.ZIP), released in quarterly updates. Best of all, it's always absolutely FREE (except for users calling us by long-distance). Even if you are not a local call away, the chances are still pretty good a BBS local to you now carries a GreenNet conference.

Through communication, we can all learn from each other. Collectively, we're sure to come up with some great ideas! Let's keep GreenNet as active as possible! Tell the whole world at once, what YOU are doing for ecology in your area! You might be surprised at the response you get.

Obviously, the internet made dialing up environmental Bulletin Board Systems by
computer with long distance phone calls obsolete. However, Fidonet still lives on!

Earth Art debut as world's first BBS via satellite

Press reviews for GreenNet and Earth Art BBS

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