Earth Art Bulletin Board
System Hardware Listing

(See more info on our satellite dish downlinks!)

The EARTH ART BBS went Online 12/01/91 at 12:01 am.

The system is dedicated to all people who do their part to
contribute to any environmental conservation programs!

Earth Art BBS (and GreenNet) Consists Of The Following Hardware:

Unimesh 10 Foot C/Ku Compatible Satellite Dish (Receive Both C And Ku Bands)
Tee-Comm Star Trak Eight Computer-Synthesized Satellite Receiver/Descrambler
SkyLink Data Demodulator (Allows Us To Accept QWK-Mail Packets Off The Dish)
Custom 166Mhz Green Pentium Tower + 32 Megs EDO RAM & 256K Synch-Burst Cache
US Robotics Dual Standard V.34+ Fax\Modems (V.Everything 300 To 33,600 Baud)
US Robotics I-Modem (Combines a V.Everything and ISDN at Up To 128,000 Baud)
GTEK Black Board 8 Multi-Port Comm Card (16650 UARTs For Up To 460,800 Baud)
CTX 17 Inch Digital Green Monitor (EPA Sleep Mode ON To Save Wasted Energy!)
Maxtor 2.0 Gigabyte Extended IDE Hard Disk Drive (& Guaranteed for 3 Years!)
Diamond Stealth 3D Super VGA Video Card (With 2 Megs Of Video DRAM Included)
Conner 800 Megabyte Tape Backup System (Let's Us Use Travan Data Cartridges)
NetAccess 400 UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply For Plenty Of "Safety Time")
Mitsumi 6X Speed CD-ROM Player (Ducks 95 CD-ROM Loaded & Ready To Check Out)
1.2 Megabyte 5 1/4" & 1.44 Megabyte 3 1/2" Floppy Disk Drives (High Density)
Pioneer LD-V2000 Laser Disc Player (Industrial Grade Version, With 10+ Gigs)
Custom Laser Disc Player Touchpad Control (Instant Cross-Reference Keyboard)
Sony Trinitron 27 Inch Monitor (To Show Over 27,000 Pieces Of Art On Screen)

Press reviews on Earth Art BBS: 1992-1997

Second satellite data feed announced - 1993

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