Award Winning Web Site Designs

Award Winning Web Site Designs

Chart showing All 256 Web Safe Colors

Below is a chart showing all 256 web safe colors for web site design. When you do your web site, the most important problem is color compatibility between various types of operating systems, monitors and browsers. When the internet browser can't show the given color, it will choose the closest one or combine the few nearest ones (this is called dithering). Sometimes this combination is not what you wanted or expected at all.

However by using this color palette you can be sure that all the colors you choose will be absolutely identical regardless of the type of monitor, operating system or browser people will use to reach your web site. Any of the following 256 colors may be used for graphics, text or backgrounds. This palette consists of only 256 of the possible 16 million combinations of shades of red, green and blue. Every color has its own number according to Pantone Colorweb. The values above each color are in hexadecimal for use in your HTML code.

ffffffddffff bbffff88ffff 66ffff44ffff 22ffff00ffff
ffddffddddff bbddff88ddff 66ddff44ddff 22ddff00ddff
ffbbffddbbff bbbbff88bbff 66bbff44bbff 22bbff00bbff
ff88ffdd88ff bb88ff8888ff 6688ff4488ff 2288ff0088ff
ff66ffdd66ff bb66ff8866ff 6666ff4466ff 2266ff0066ff
ff44ffdd44ff bb44ff8844ff 6644ff4444ff 2244ff0044ff
ff22ffdd22ff bb22ff8822ff 6622ff4422ff 2222ff0022ff
ff00ffdd00ff bb00ff8800ff 6600ff4400ff 2200ff0000ff
ffffddddffdd bbffdd88ffdd 66ffdd44ffdd 22ffdd00ffdd
ffdddddddddd bbdddd88dddd 66dddd44dddd 22dddd00dddd
ffbbddddbbdd bbbbdd88bbdd 66bbdd44bbdd 22bbdd00bbdd
ff88dddd88dd bb88dd8888dd 6688dd4488dd 2288dd0088dd
ff66dddd66dd bb66dd8866dd 6666dd4466dd 2266dd0066dd
ff44dddd44dd bb44dd8844dd 6644dd4444dd 2244dd0044dd
ff22dddd22dd bb22dd8822dd 6622dd4422dd 2222dd0022dd
ff00dddd00dd bb00dd8800dd 6600dd4400dd 2200dd0000dd
ffffbbddffbb bbffbb88ffbb 66ffbb44ffbb 22ffbb00ffbb
ffddbbddddbb bbddbb88ddbb 66ddbb44ddbb 22ddbb00ddbb
ffbbbbddbbbb bbbbbb88bbbb 66bbbb44bbbb 22bbbb00bbbb
ff88bbdd88bb bb88bb8888bb 6688bb4488bb 2288bb0088bb
ff66bbdd66bb bb66bb8866bb 6666bb4466bb 2266bb0066bb
ff44bbdd44bb bb44bb8844bb 6644bb4444bb 2244bb0044bb
ff22bbdd22bb bb22bb8822bb 6622bb4422bb 2222bb0022bb
ff00bbdd00bb bb00bb8800bb 6600bb4400bb 2200bb0000bb
ffff88ddff88 bbff8888ff88 66ff8844ff88 22ff8800ff88
ffdd88dddd88 bbdd8888dd88 66dd8844dd88 22dd8800dd88
ffbb88ddbb88 bbbb8888bb88 66bb8844bb88 22bb8800bb88
ff8888dd8888 bb8888888888 668888448888 228888008888
ff6688dd6688 bb6688886688 666688446688 226688006688
ff4488dd4488 bb4488884488 664488444488 224488004488
ff2288dd2288 bb2288882288 662288442288 222288002288
ff0088dd0088 bb0088880088 660088440088 220088000088
ffff66ddff66 bbff6688ff66 66ff6644ff66 22ff6600ff66
ffdd66dddd66 bbdd6688dd66 66dd6644dd66 22dd6600dd66
ffbb66ddbb66 bbbb6688bb66 66bb6644bb66 22bb6600bb66
ff8866dd8866 bb8866888866 668866448866 228866008866
ff6666dd6666 bb6666886666 666666446666 226666006666
ff4466dd4466 bb4466884466 664466444466 224466004466
ff2266dd2266 bb2266882266 662266442266 222266002266
ff0066dd0066 bb0066880066 660066440066 220066000066
ffff44ddff44 bbff4488ff44 66ff4444ff44 22ff4400ff44
ffdd44dddd44 bbdd4488dd44 66dd4444dd44 22dd4400dd44
ffbb44ddbb44 bbbb4488bb44 66bb4444bb44 22bb4400bb44
ff8844dd8844 bb8844888844 668844448844 228844008844
ff6644dd6644 bb6644886644 666644446644 226644006644
ff4444dd4444 bb4444884444 664444444444 224444004444
ff2244dd2244 bb2244882244 662244442244 222244002244
ff0044dd0044 bb0044880044 660044440044 220044000044
ffff22ddff22 bbff2288ff22 66ff2244ff22 22ff2200ff22
ffdd22dddd22 bbdd2288dd22 66dd2244dd22 22dd2200dd22
ffbb22ddbb22 bbbb2288bb22 66bb2244bb22 22bb2200bb22
ff8822dd8822 bb8822888822 668822448822 228822008822
ff6622dd6622 bb6622886622 666622446622 226622006622
ff4422dd4422 bb4422884422 664422444422 224422004422
ff2222dd2222 bb2222882222 662222442222 222222002222
ff0022dd0022 bb0022880022 660022440022 220022000022
ffff00ddff00 bbff0088ff00 66ff0044ff00 22ff0000ff00
ffdd00dddd00 bbdd0088dd00 66dd0044dd00 22dd0000dd00
ffbb00ddbb00 bbbb0088bb00 66bb0044bb00 22bb0000bb00
ff8800dd8800 bb8800888800 668800448800 228800008800
ff6600dd6600 bb6600886600 666600446600 226600006600
ff4400dd4400 bb4400884400 664400444400 224400004400
ff2200dd2200 bb2200882200 662200442200 222200002200
ff0000dd0000 bb0000880000 660000440000 220000000000

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