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Our fees to maintain your web site

We offer a discount if you prepay:

Prepaid Annually (10% discount)

Prepaid Quarterly (5% discount)

If you would like us to maintain your web site for you, we will be happy to give you a quote to do that. This price is based on the number of pages you have in your web site, how often (and how many) changes are anticipated. Other factors include complexity of anticipated changes and if you are able to make your own changes (it might be easier than you think).

Maintenance fees do NOT include web Hosting fees for your web site, which are subject to change. Be aware there can also be extra charges for using a custom web site domain name and/or if your site goes over the allowed limits of file storage and bandwidth usage.

When we are creating a new web site for you, getting your pages optimized for search engines is included at no extra charge. We will also submit your site to the Top 10 search engines for you. If you decide to let us maintain your site, we will continue to submit to various search engines, watch for results and make changes to improve your rankings.

Unfortunately, it can take over 30 days before you begin to show up in a majority of search engines. We know the tricks of the trade - what to do and what NOT to do! There are some search engines that are worth paying a relatively small fee when you submit. For some other search engines (lesser known ones), paying to be listed is a waste of money.

Other fees that may be charged for a new web site include: registering your domain name (generally $30.00 per year or less), an initial setup fee (varies widely, but may be waived) and merchant fees (for taking online orders by credit card). It depends on what you need. When you pay in advance from the start, you can sometimes save a significant amount. For example, when you register your custom domain, you get usually a 10% discount for prepaying 2 years registration (20% off for 5 years, etc.). We'll be glad to help you decide.

In general, we will always try to help you find THE very best deal available for your site. We'll help you find the lowest possible cost for highest quality services your site requires.

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Rates for your site

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