Award Winning Web Site Designs

Award Winning Web Site Designs

We can design or redesign your web site in XHTML!

Unlike the vast majority of other web designers out there, we have lots of experience designing web pages in XHTML. This is clearly the format of the future because it makes a web page fully compatible with both HTML and XML at the same time. XHTML became a W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) recommendation in 1999.

Because XHTML requires well formed HTML (all tags properly closed with no nesting or syntax errors), most web designers are unable to do it right. If you want to prepare for the future and have your entire site created in XHTML, we CAN do that for you! As a general rule, we make sure ALL web pages we design are "XHTML Ready", so they can be easily converted from HTML to XHTML at any point in the future (saves you money!).

At the present time, we think HTML 4.01 is usually best for the highest search engine rankings. But, if you need have a particular need to make data accessible to mobile device users, XHTML might work better for your site. In general, NOW is the time to prepare all your web pages for XHTML conversion. Think twice before hiring ANY web designer or design firm that has little or no experience creating XHTML. You may pay more and get less too.

We believe in the goal of the World Wide Web Consortium!We believe in W3C Quality Assurance Interest Group goals!

It is VERY important to design your site with web accessibility in mind!

Why pay other designers to create a new website that's already obsolete?

Our experience could pay off for YOU with high search engine rankings!

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Award Winning Web Site Designs has valid XHTML 1.0! Award Winning Web Site Designs has Valid CSS! Award Winning Web Site Designs valid in HTML Tidy! No errors or warnings in Web Design Group Validator! Award Winning Web Site Designs uses HTML Validator Pro!

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