THE Official South Carolina BBS List!

Charleston Area BBS List

Latest Revision For SEPTEMBER 1997!

THE Official South Carolina Bulletin Board List! (Area Codes 843 + 864)
List Keeper: Colonel Robert B. Chapman, Earth Art BBS System Operator
This list is brought to you by Ambassador Graphics And Wildlife Gallery.

List includes: Town/City, System Name, Data Phone, SysOp Name, Highest Speed
and a YES/No Box to indicate if they carry SCNet, the FREE Statewide BBS Network!
All Systems are NOT Verified! Please send Add/Delete/Update messages Immediately!

For ANY Change(s): Please send a message to Bob Chapman on Earth Art BBS at
(843) 552-4389, Post the Correction in SCNET (FREE Statewide Public BBS Echo),
Netmail via Fidonet (1:372/50), OR send Internet E-Mail to

Date For This OFFICIAL South Carolina BBS List Update: SEPTEMBER 1, 1997
Town/CitySystem NameData Phone #System OperatorSCNET?Speed
Aiken Computer Workshop 843-648-7574 Gary YountYES!28800
Aiken Pine Tree BBS 843-641-1805 Eugene LuderNo28800
Anderson Custom Computers 864-375-0074 John SkakandyNo28800
Anderson Mail 4 U 2! 864-375-0270 Toni SkakandyNo14400
Beaufort Preditor 843-846-0860 Kerry RodgersNo14400
Beaufort Random Access 843-521-0828 Bruce ParkerYES!33600
Beaufort Vamp BBS 1st Byte 843-522-9262 Shawn TeeterNo28800
Beaufort Vamp BBS 2nd Byte 843-522-8060 Angela TeeterNo14400
Belton Crypt 864-338-3864 Tony ShirleyNo28800
Belton Other Side BBS 864-338-0666 Bill RowlandYES!14400
Bennetsville Marlboro BBS 843-479-7495 Danny Drew Jr.No9600
Blythewood PMSC Online Resource 843-735-6101 Paul BeverlyNo14400
Camden Camden Forum 843-432-0641 Doyle AllenYES!14400
Charleston Carolina Chat (ISP) 843-764-2428 Robert McElweeNo33600
Charleston Charleston County Library 843-722-6490 The LibrarianNo14400
Charleston Charleston County Sheriff's Office 843-554-2498 Michael DertingerYES!28800
Charleston Charleston Police Dept. 843-763-0846 Bob FlynnYES!33600
Charleston Citadel Gopher (Internet) 843-953-1111 Rod WelchNo28800
Charleston Fool's Quarter 843-764-0328 Tim WhitsonNo28800
Charleston House of "The Don" 843-577-4927 William OakleyNo33600
Charleston MySTery BBS 843-571-1384 David BlanchardYES!33600
Charleston Night Wolves 843-766-6789 James PolkNo14400
Charleston Nutt House 843-571-1633 Skip OwenYES!33600
Charleston Pelican's Perch 843-207-7362 John WilliamsYES!28800
Charleston Shades of Darkness 843-795-9583 Brandon KunkaYES!14400
Charleston Trans Continental 843-763-1109 Buck BuchananNo14400
Columbia Capital Connection 843-926-9810 Daniel NanceYES!14400
Columbia Carolina BBS 843-783-8162 Don EltonYES!28800
Columbia Carolina Cousin 843-787-3782 David HamiterYES!28800
Columbia Dreadnaught Class 843-781-0243 Julius EdwardsYES!28800
Columbia Galactic Empire BBS 843-788-8140 Chavous CampNo14400
Columbia Guardians-AAA BBS 843-738-7009 Derek El-DadaNo28800
Columbia Hard Drive Cafe 843-356-7023 Jeff StollstorffNo14400
Columbia Irrelevant Thoughts 843-790-1547 John McConnelNo14400
Columbia Lost In Time BBS 843-731-9786 James SurlesYES!28800
Columbia Mac's TV World 843-731-4337 Mac SaumNo28800
Columbia Palmetto PC Club 843-782-9600 Kevin ParrisYES!28800
Columbia Pit Stop 843-939-9089 Anthony PlanteNo28800
Columbia Pro-Carolina BBS 843-776-5551 Don EltonYES!28800
Columbia Silver Sun BBS 843-929-0480 Daniel MorganYES!14400
Columbia Steel Heart 843-787-7428 Diane CoomerYES!14400
Columbia Swap Shop BBS 843-695-7670 Kevin ReffittYES!28800
Columbia Trading Post [South] 1 843-731-0690 Craig DooleyYES!28800
Columbia Trading Post [South] 2 843-750-0669 Craig DooleyYES!28800
Columbia Type-40 BBS 843-735-8964 Bryan KellerYES!28800
Columbia Why Knot BBS 843-732-1568 Mike McGaugheyNo28800
Conway Atomik BBS 843-397-1019 Perry WallaceNo28800
Conway Happy Days 843-365-0913 Jim VanceNo14400
Conway Power Surge 843-248-3686 Bill HendrixNo14400
Darlington Tech Shop/2 843-395-2165 Jerry GauseNo28800
Eastover Theoretical Concepts 843-353-6045 James JenningsNo14400
Effingham Grandpa's Premier BBS 843-346-0046 Stevan HillNo14400
Florence AMIGA Odyssey 843-664-8930 Mike DuffNo28800
Florence F.R.E.D. 843-661-6604 John JonesNo9600
Florence He Said/She Said 843-669-6571 Samantha McGowanNo28800
Florence Library BBS 843-665-2411 Andrew MinterYES!28800
Fort Mill Looking Glass 843-547-0148 Leslie SwaffordYES!14400
Goose Creek Country Hick BBS 843-824-6152 Mae HelmsYES!33600
Greenville Aids Net 864-322-8894 Kevin CantrellNo14400
Greenville Airwaves! BBS 864-235-5652 John DanielNo28800
Greenville Blackbeard's Tavern 864-294-9657 Henry MooreNo28800
Greenville Carolina Connection 864-235-5652 Jerry MichelsonNo14400
Greenville Extravaganza 864-322-8767 Tony RogersNo14400
Greenville Gas Works BBS 864-233-0824 Sam ShasteenYES!28800
Greenville GreenLINK 843-242-0008 Daniel C. WilliamsNo28800
Greenville Greenville Sheriff's Office 864-467-5864 Lee OwensYES!14400
Greenville Optical Delusions 864-233-0824 Bruce MurphreeNo14400
Greenville Pro Traders 864-370-0666 Ben NewburnYES!14400
Greenville Ryan Express 864-859-7040 John EdwardsNo14400
Greenville Southern Baptist Network 864-421-9125 Ronald ClineNo14400
Greenville Square One 864-422-0114 Bill GordonYES!14400
Greenville TamerLane BBS 864-234-0208 Mike KellerNo14400
Greenville W4VIW's BBS (ISDN) 864-299-6185 LeRoy LawhornYES!128000
Greenwood Trivial Nuisances 864-229-0979 Dennis RogersYES!14400
Greer Cat House 864-458-8048 Sean GreenNo9600
Greer Eternal Chaos 864-244-8945 Jeff KeheNo14400
Greer Looking Glass 864-848-1961 Kenneth WirenYES!28800
Greer Musical Shots! 864-879-2848 Mike BelueYES!28800
Hanahan Beyond The Grave 843-207-8726 Danny GigglemanNo33600
Hartsville Computer Control Center 843-332-1370 Tilmon HocuttYES!28800
Hartsville Graviton City 843-339-9031 James StubbsNo28800
Hartsville Once and Future Legend 843-383-4666 Neysa DormishYES!14400
Hartsville Whizard's Tower 843-332-9758 Jim MeniusNo28800
Hilton Head Hilton Head Computer Club 843-842-2205 Janice BlaufoxNo14400
Inman Site 1B67 864-599-0972 David CrownNo14400
Isle Of Palms RT Associates 843-886-8507 Richard EllerYES!28800
Lexington Chez Shay 843-957-1846 Shay WaltersYES!14400
Lexington Tachyon Express 843-356-3522 Todd HillYES!14400
Lyman Lighthouse 864-949-6429 Jim QuickYES!28800
Montmorenci Montmorenci Express 843-641-9090 Lloyd VanFossenNo14400
Mt. Pleasant NightWalker 843-971-7749 Kip RyanNo33600
Myrtle Beach Beach Access 843-650-9440 Eric MeffordNo14400
Myrtle Beach Carolina Info Net 843-293-4579 Jeff FarmerNo14400
Myrtle Beach Chaos 843-445-1672 Joe CarnesNo28800
Myrtle Beach CompuDirect 843-650-6196 William EvansNo28800
Myrtle Beach Connection BBS 843-397-1962 Ken PearceNo28800
Myrtle Beach Information Overload 843-448-5178 Kevin McGrathYES!14400
Myrtle Beach Kombat Zone 843-236-5368 Joey CockmanNo14400
Myrtle Beach Myrtle Beach PC-BBS 843-448-0678 Bobby DanielsNo28800
Myrtle Beach Periscope 843-650-9022 Walt MayoNo9600
New Ellenton Schrodinger's Catbox 843-574-9621 Terry BuyersYES!14400
North Augusta RA-USA 843-279-5006 Ed MeloanNo33600
North Charleston Ashley Oaks BBS 843-552-0031 Yvonne ChapmanYES!33600
North Charleston Charleston Computer Connection 843-767-4190 Tony OliverNo28800
North Charleston Earth Art BBS! 843-552-4389 Bob ChapmanYES!64000
North Charleston Night Wing BBS 843-767-8212 James SalterYES!33600
North Myrtle Beach Red Planet 843-272-4083 Grant BrownNo33600
Orangeburg Alcoholiday! 843-539-2448 Andrew HaworthNo28800
Orangeburg Online Connections 843-539-1913 John DantzlerYES!28800
Orangeburg Orangeburg Computer Club 843-531-5734 Gordon WoodruffYES!28800
Pawley's Island Pawley's BBS 843-237-5641 Boyd MarlowNo28800
Rock Hill Rock Hill Central 843-325-7934 Barron McGuirtNo28800
Saluda Melted Dreams 864-445-4966 Kendal SudduthNo28800
Seneca Pigg Sty 864-888-1843 Jamie PrestonNo14400
Simpsonville Miss Kitty's Place 864-963-1462 Kathy McKittrickNo14400
Spartanburg Alter Ego 864-587-9828 James MunseyNo14400
Spartanburg Ask Dorman 864-595-3288 Jim GardnerNo14400
Spartanburg Blue Force BBS 864-599-0267 Brian LeiterYES!28800
Spartanburg Continuum 864-439-9718 Justin WyattNo14400
Spartanburg Dark Corner 864-573-7069 Ross CassellYES!28800
Spartanburg First Flight 864-574-2632 Billy GeierNo19200
Spartanburg Tech Support Zone 864-587-9133 Mike ChampionNo28800
St. Helena Island Home Center BBS 843-838-1337 Trey HutchinsonNo28800
Summerville Byte Bucket 843-871-3076 Paul DardisNo28800
Summerville Dark Side Of The Moon 843-871-4018 Jerry ToothmanNo14400
Summerville Nine Eleven (Windows) 843-824-9111 John CercopelyNo28800
Summerville Operating Room 1 843-851-0391 Rich CooperYES!28800
Summerville Operating Room 2 843-821-7209 Rich CooperYES!28800
Summerville Richie's Place BBS 843-875-1188 Richard WatkinsYES28800
Summerville Summerville Library 843-821-6310 The LibrarianNo14400
Summerville TJ's Wildchild 843-871-0368 TJ AikmanNo14400
Summerville Tri-County Computers 843-871-3601 David FarrYES!33600
Sunset College Board 864-878-7340 Ronald PappasYES!14400
Tigerville North Greenville BBS 864-895-6200 Harvey AlexanderNo14400
Travelers Rest Carolina Network 864-836-0785 Robert McCallNo14400
Union Practical Place 864-429-9019 Robert LeighYES!28800
Union Twilight Zone 864-429-5343 Lee ThorntonNo14400
Warrenville RFR Communications 843-663-4856 Mel MinitorYES!28800
West Columbia Enter Name Here BBS 843-926-8370 Chip MeyersYES!28800
West Columbia Fish Tank (ASV/CBV) 843-794-2238 Joey LindenNo28800
Compiled for the South Carolina Info-Highway by Colonel Bob "Top Duck" Chapman of Earth Art BBS!
(843)552-4389 = Earth Art BBS! - Ranked "Top 10 Board For Beginners" by ONLINE ACCESS Magazine!
Total Systems Listed: 140 - Total Connected To SCNET: 56 - Percentage in SCNET: 40%
End of listing.
Please Help Us To Keep ALL Information As Current As Possible!  Thank You!  Please Send Corrections To The
List (Recently Verified If Possible!) In The Statewide SCNET Echo, So Everyone Finds Out At The Same Time.
REQUIREMENTS FOR INCLUSION: 1 - Modem supporting 9600 Baud or Higher (This is subject to change anytime!).
2 - Service must be available 24 Hours (7 Days/Week).  3 - All System Operators must use their REAL NAMES.
ALL South Carolina SysOps are requested to join Fidonet plus carry SCNet, the FREE Statewide Network of 12
Conferences using QWK/Fidonet technology.  Check out SCNET, the Statewide Public Echo now connecting 50 SC 
Online Systems + SCIWAY, a gateway to the S.C. Information Highway internet listserve.  Latter area is the
ideal place to discuss connecting schools for education!  Please do Your part with uniting South Carolina!
Systems focusing primarily on "Adult Only" topic, X-Rated pictures And/Or similar services need not apply.
Reasoning is simple: There is NO way to control who downloads and copies the list.  We don't need messages
from irate parents complaining about something their child has found as a result of using our BBS listing.
Your understanding and cooperation with this policy will be much appreciated by All SC parents statewide!)
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